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We are specializes in integrates leading technologies in Design & Engineering, Material handing equipments and information systems coupled with proven operation strategy

We provides consulting and professional services in all areas such as warehouse automation, logistics center construction and information systems.

The capabilities of our designs also include the Selection & Implementation of warehouse management systems, Transportation software, Storage & Racking systems. As industrial engineers, We understand operations. We assist our customers to build and sustain operations on the foundation of best demonstrated Warehousing & Distribution practices are our GOAL and COMMITMENT.

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Warehouse Solutions
Provider for Thailand

T.P.S. Logistics Materials & Consultant has over 20+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services works listed below. A Company involved in Supply, servicing, maintenance of Warehouse Automation Equipment, Racking, Sorter and Conveyor line.

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We are providing different services in this sector


We are providing maintenance and after sale service.

Technical Industrial Solutions

T.P.S. Logistics Materials & Consultant has 23+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services works listed below.


Automated storage and retrieval system. Computer-controlled methods for automatically placing and retrieving loads from specific storage locations.


A system that sorts products according to destination.

Pallet racking

A material handling storage and system designed to store materials on pallets.

Conveyor System

A common piece of mechanical handling equipment that moves materials from one location to another


Warehouse Management System, A software application, designed to support and optimize warehouse functionality and distribution center management.

Rack Audit

Audit Rack shelf inspection service is a process that is necessary in the warehouse system.

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